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Achieve Financial Freedom and Make Money Through Multiple Streams of Income

This article is written to offer everyone ways and means to make money to achieve financial freedom through multiple streams of income. This is not about getting tips and advice on how to be instant millionaire overnight or make easy and fast money but this will specifically pertain to proven and tested ways to earn lifetime multiple streams of income and become less reliant on your job.

Existing Ways to Make Money

As an overview of this discussion, these are the different types and sources of income currently available today that allows everyone to make money and generate income for a living.


• Primary - This is the common source of income provided by your employer by means of giving you a salary or wage and benefits to compensate your work for your employer. Here you only make money when you work for your employer.

• Alternative - This is the income you generate from other means or sources other than a regular office work or job. Many people make money simply by blogging, income through investment, selling on eBay, online business, etc.


• Earned or Active - You work for money. You stop earning money as you stop spending time doing the work which is the source of your income.
• Residual or Passive - Money works for you! Unlike the earned or active income, income-generation does not stop even when you stop working.

Given the two types of income, it will be wise to broaden your income by having multiple streams of income and intentionally shift toward more residual or passive income generation.
What Makes Passive and Residual Income a MUST to Everyone!
Having multiple streams of income is necessary to achieve financial freedom. This greatly increases your overall income hastening up accumulation of financial wealth. This will enable you to be less reliant on your primary source of income, which is your current job, and eventually replace your primary source of income to achieve financial freedom.

Hence, building multiple streams of income is a must to everyone today, and this becomes even more obvious because of the following reasons:

• If in case you lose your job, your income does not "disappear" but is only "lessened" as you still make money and generate income through your passive multiple streams of income.

• As you ascend the corporate ladder, the more difficult it becomes to look for an equivalent job that gives you the same compensation in the event that you lose your job.

• Multiple streams of income accelerate your goal to achieve financial freedom. After all, the gauge that you have already achieved financial freedom is when you are no longer dependent on your job to sustain your living expenses.

• Multiple streams of income provide you leverage and better flexibility. You are in a far better position when you know you are not dependent on your job to survive.

With a few exceptions, the idea of maintaining a fixed-paying regular job is dead; it is very risky to depend on a single source of income, since many companies do not dillydally reduce manpower for cost-cutting measures. I believe it is a must that everyone reduces their income risk by having multiple streams of income.

It took you a great amount of money, effort, and time landing on your current job right now. Most companies require a college diploma and some necessitates further training and education. Four years of studies in college took much of your money, effort, and time! Spending 15 minutes a week to have multiple streams of income that give you at least $1,000.00 a month wouldn't be too bad!

When you've set up a stream of income (a residual and passive one) you may venture into another one and the one you've already set up still continuous to make money and generate you income, hence the passive principle. To cite an example, if you have a stream of income that gives you at least $10,000 a month, you will continue to make money of the same amount at the minimum, as income generation increases even if you do nothing about it, hence the passive principle. In contrast, when you cease to report for work in your office job, you cease make money as you cease to receive your regular pay.

Important Values to Make it Big in Multiple Streams of Income Business

As we've earlier stated, we don't believe in get-rich-instantly schemes and be warned of several bogus that promise such deceptive schemes. We propose that one must keep in mind these important values if you really want to make money to achieve financial freedom by having multiple streams of income:

1. Love - Pursue what you really love doing and are passionate about.
2. Skill - Devote yourself into enhancing your skills and become an expert.
3. Perseverance - Never expect quick results. Be patient and persevere until you've achieved a degree of success and persevere to succeed even more.
4. Flexibility - Some things will need more of your efforts than others before you are able to get the desired results.
5. Determination - Other ideas might work but there are those who do not, just keep on trying and don't be disheartened. Be determined until you've unlocked the right marketing tool that works for you.
6. Expand - Don't be contented with your initial success; pursue other income opportunities to make money and spread your income-generation capacity.
7. Incremental - Incremental income from multiple sources sums up to a decent amount of overall income.

Be a Part-Time Businessman

As we have earlier pointed out, it is too risky to solely depend on your current job as your only source of income. Hence, a wise alternative is to become a part-time businessman. Being a part-time businessman will allow you to keep your regular job plus benefits while giving you great opportunities to expand and explore other alternative ways to have multiple streams of income. As a part-time businessman, you work at your own pace to build your multiple streams of income and make money to achieve financial freedom.

Getting Started

Here are some few but important steps to get you started having multiple streams of income:

1. Begin with the things that you love doing. The rationale is for you to stop doing what you actually detest and dislike doing. You'll be devoting time pursuing your business so you should do only what you are passionate about.

2. Have a concrete business plan. Research and design a good business plan. You would definitely want to venture only into a business that is viable and will truly enable you to achieve financial freedom.

3. Apply and accomplish. Great dreams never turn into realities unless your business plans are executed and implemented. This entails great courage and determination to achieve the result you've always wanted to have.

4. Continuously learn to improve. Not all people succeed on their first business venture. Learn from your past mistakes and let the collective experience achieve ensuing success.

Where Do You Use the Extra Income?

There are various opportunities that become possible for you to do once extra money starts flowing in as you continue to pursue to make money to achieve financial freedom. Here are some of them:

1. Settle debts.
2. Save for emergency funds.
3. Invest in other types of business.
4. Invest in other multiple streams of income opportunities to further expand your income base.
5. Research and design your own income stream.
6. Spend it and enjoy life.
7. Donate to charities and help other worthwhile organizations of noble cause through your financial support.

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